Monday, October 21, 2013

Ye Old Walking Stick Blog Reaches a Milestone

Over the weekend, I took a peek at the stats Google records for my blog and saw a satisfyingly round number: 10,000. That was the number of "page views" of Walking Stick. Don't Fail Me Now since its launching last January.

Now, I am not into a numbers game with my little enterprise. I know that some blogs probably have many times this number of hits in a single day. Nevertheless, it is satisfying for any writer to know that there are readers out there. And in this Internet age, it is amazing to see breakdowns on where the readers reside -- all over the world, actually; from Canada, to the Ukraine, to the Orient and the land Down Under, and many other locales.

In writing a lot about daily walks with my Superdawg, I obviously include material that sometimes is rather, well, everyday and unexciting. However, it is my hope that with the regular postings, I can give an idea of how to continue to get quality mileage every day in the (hmmmm, what euphemism to use?) age of advanced maturity, golden years, seniorhood -- or shortest but hardest to say: old age?

In many respects, age is a state of mind. Whatever our burdens, we can strive to be young at heart. No doubt as we age, we typically begin to experience physical challenges. But we don't have to give in to them. I am delighted so many people said they were inspired by my decision to have a total knee replacement in order to preserve my cherished mobility, and then my determination to do the physical therapy religiously so as to gain maximum benefit from the surgery.  I also have stories of heart health to share, and will be doing so.

The stats suggest many readers enjoy posts on such topics as picking out a good walking stick, and observing wonders of Nature (notably, the Hummingbird) on our walks. We will be doing a lot more of that as we progress deeper into fall and then winter. The next Great Backyard Bird Count will be coming up just after Christmas, and we will be all over that. It is great good fun. More about that before long.

Again, thank you for being here. I hope you will continue returning. We hear from many of you on Facebook, which is a good way to communicate, but you also can comment directly at the bottom of each blogpost.

             © Robert G. Holland  2013


  1. Congratulations on hitting the 10,000 mark, Bob!
    It's a great column, and I enjoy the variety of topics you write on. I'm wondering, however, if perhaps we may be in for a slight lull in the postings over the next week or so as you watch some Redbirds rather than hummingbirds ;>)

  2. Ah yes, you know the way of this Redbirds fanatic, Gary! The World Series has cut drastically into my blogging time, but after Redbird fever has subsided (hopefully after their 12th championship), I will be able to concentrate again on walking and bird-watching, etc. Really appreciate your comments. Glad your artistic ventures are going well.


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