Monday, November 18, 2013

Riding the Roller-Coaster of November Weather

We have have wild swings in the weather along the South Carolina coast this November. Today, I suppose, we had a taste of Indian Summer with afternoon temperatures rising well into the 80s. It came on the heels of two days of rather cold weather (for this area), with temperatures dipping to 28F one night and with winds pushing the chill factor even lower. Another cold front is supposed to push through tonight, and then some warmer weather a few days later. The roller-coaster ride continues.

Through all this, Superdawg and I have continued our walking, but I haven't gotten back into the supplemental exercise that I need to add. Not yet. And for whatever reason, I've been in a down mood. Perhaps the fluctuating weather has something to do with that.

Amid reports of coyotes increasingly on the prowl, it has become scary to take Sadie dog out to do her business late at night. A woods backs right up to our backyard, and it is not far-fetched to envision a pack of coyotes jumping her. So I carry a large stick, make noise, and try to dissuade her from going deep into the dark woods.

For some reason, I haven't had any good bird sightings on our walks. Maybe because of my depressed mood, I am not trying hard enough. Lately, people we meet have been asking about Sadie's age, no doubt noticing how snow-white her face has become. I tell them she's working on 12, and they're like wow, an old gal. That hasn't helped make me chipper either.

There was one exception. An attractive young lady wearing some enticing perfume commented about Sadie's aging, and I replied, "Yes, we are two old dogs." She laughed, and replied, "Old berries make sweet wine." Hmmm, that was an observation to brighten an old guy's day. I guess bird-watching did go well one day.

Goal: Snap out of the funk and put some positive posts on here.

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