Saturday, January 11, 2014

Rx for Aches and Pains: Keep Moving

Aches and pains are probably an inevitable part of aging. It's how we deal with them that counts.

Over the past several weeks, I have had a lot of the dreaded A&P, especially during the sleeping hours and upon rising. Both shoulders have felt as though I overdid some weight-lifting, and both legs have been sore and heavy. I have still managed a Superdawg walk every day. The soreness loosens up some during the day.

This A&P Syndrome could be attributable to any number of things.

Arthritis no doubt should be at the top of the list. I have snitched a little of my DW's OTC arthritis pain relief medicine at night to facilitate sleep. My doctor said that was okay to do. It helps a little.

My left shoulder is a little sorer than the right, and I figure that's because of the shingles shot there a few days ago. But the general soreness preceded that vaccination so I don't think that's a primary cause.

I have a weird theory, no doubt unprovable. A few times, I have felt the symptoms of flu coming on with head congestion but that has dissipated by morning. The soreness associated with flu remains but the congestion goes away. Having had the flu vaccine, I wonder if my immune system is fighting off the flu with only halfway success. That's an off-the-wall analysis, I know.

Science has established that statin medicines can cause muscle soreness. My cholesterol levels are, frankly, world-class -- well under being rated "high." I have e-mailed my new doctor (I love the e-mail-the-doc feature and will try not to overuse it) and asked her if I can drop my simvastatin and see if the muscle soreness goes away. Since I am eating very sensibly now as a Weight Watchers participant, I am hoping I can eventually wipe out the need for many of my medicines. Sometimes they are literally lifesavers but sometimes they screw us up big-time with side-effects.

Anemia probably is not at work because my hemoglobin level went up when I was tested just before Christmas. That was one of my nicest Christmas presents.

The main deal is not to let the aches and pains get you down, and to keep moving -- keep stretching, keep pedaling, keep walking. There are joys in life to be experienced out beyond the front door. It may be about time to add to my Whistle Creek walking stick collection.

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