Saturday, April 5, 2014

April: Time to Take Stock

It is a source of frustration that I have not been able to keep this blog updated on a daily basis. Could I not spare at least 15 minutes a day to do so? Surely I could, no matter how hectic life has been since the first of March.

I will try harder. Maybe one way to catch up is just to list briefly things that have made me sad or happy over the past few weeks:

Sad: that my Dear Wife had to go to the ER and then be admitted to the hospital to have a persistent infection treated with large doses of antibiotics, and then had to deal with allergic reactions to several of the antibiotics.

Happy: that Allyne is getting a little stronger every day, now that the course of antibiotics is done, and that she could even attend the opening Little League game of her grandson Grayson today.

Very Happy: that in March our daughter-in-law Amanda was blessed with the delivery of a healthy son, the third-born for her and our son Bobby, and our fourth grandchild -- Brooks.

Sad: that she had to battle some complications…. but….

Happy: that she is doing well now.

Sad: that granddaughter Hannah incurred a hairline fracture of a toe during playtime at a friend's house… but ….

Happy: that despite having two toes taped together, she hit the ball hard in her team's 6-4  win in the opening Little League game (10-year-old, kids' pitch, mostly boys) Saturday morning -- and then played goalie in her soccer team's 4-3 win over a visiting team from Charleston on Saturday afternoon. Pretty amazing athleticism. Happiness also came in watching her young brother Grayson go 4-for-4 in his opening coach-pitch league, while also making nice plays at third base, which I played in my Glory Days.

Happy: that our granddaughter Zoey in Tennessee recently won two first-place academic awards in statewide competition in Tennessee. She is such a talented and wonderful young lady, who does her brilliant mom Kristina proud.

Happy: that my senior Superdawg, Sadie, has been able to continue our daily walks despite having a few aches and pains of her own resulting in one visit to the vet … and happy also that on our walks we have been listening to the happy songs birds sing when Spring weather has taken hold.

Sad: that 11,653 Double-Crested Cormorants were shot dead during a one-month special hunting spree sanctioned by the State of South Carolina to reduce the population of this fish-consuming bird on Lakes Marion and Moultrie. I can understand the problem these birds might pose in great numbers but it doesn't seem that the state drew on any scientific evidence that such a wholesale slaughter was necessary. I find Cormorants one of the most fascinating birds to watch on the ponds and lakes. We see one in particular perched every day on the same rock in the middle of a neighborhood pond, sometimes drying his feathers after an underwater plunge, and sometimes diving under again in search of breakfast. We consider this guy a friend.

Happy: that my baseball GM son told a touching story in a local newspaper interview about being attracted back to baseball as a kid because his mom and I took him to the family-oriented movie, "Field of Dreams." After an all-star season in Little League, he abruptly decided to drop out at age 11 to engage in skateboarding. Even though it meant losing my opportunity to continue coaching him and his team, I decided against commanding him to stay in baseball. Letting him make his own decision turned out to be one of the best parenting decisions I ever made, because when he came back of his own free will, after being inspired by "Field of Dreams," he came with a real zest for the game and with a focus on goals. When college coaches came calling, he knew he would have to work on his grades to gain NCAA eligibility. Then he knew that college was a chance not just to play a game (which he did at a championship level) but to earn a degree and settle into a career, which he has done splendidly with sports management. Sometimes I wonder how it all would have turned out had I forced him to play baseball at age 11.

Okay, from my little blog restart today, I am figuring that my "happys" exceed my "sads" by almost 2 to 1. And that is about right, because I have many blessings for which I am grateful.

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