Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Steadfast Walking Dawg

My blog really should be named steadfastwalkingdawg instead of steadfastdawgwalker because Sadie the Superdawg is the dedicated walker, not me. In a quick note late last night about her Earth-Day Birthday, I noted that this sweet golden dog deserves a birthday tribute for many reasons. Not least is the fact that many mornings I would have stayed in bed, lingered at the breakfast table, or dawdled on Facebook, had Sadie not reminded me that we must walk every day, without evasion or excuse. Many days too soggy or snowy or warm or cold for me are no deterrents for her. There is no calculating how many hundreds of miles I have walked over the past 12 years largely because she got me moving.

And there is nothing that can quite match her joy when she knows we are in fact going to go for a walk. Just mention of the word "walk" will set her off to running back and forth, barking insistently, even trying to put her head in the leash. (She used to jump up and down, too, and while she can't quite do that in her senior years, the joy is still there.)

Once you have made the commitment, there is no turning back with Sadie.

There are many more qualities that make her the ultimate in companionable dogs but I think I will save them for further vignettes. Anyway, thanks Sadie, for making me get up and keep moving as I hit my 60s and now that I am into my 70s. Whatever semblance of physical fitness I have, I owe to you. And even more important than that is the fun we have out on the trail observing the wonders of God's creation.

                                                       © Robert G. Holland  2014

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