Thursday, June 12, 2014

Two Old Dawgs Under Cloud Cover

Yes, despite the rising heat and humidity typical of a South Carolina summer, ol' Sadie the Superdawg and I continue our daily walks. Well, almost daily, that is. One morning it was so stifling out that she contented herself with pilfering a tennis ball from Dasher the young yellow lab and prancing about with it as though doing an end zone dance. She wanted no part of putting on a leash and venturing out on our trails, even when I repeated the magic word "walk" several times.

Most days, she has continued to respond enthusiastically to the w-a-l-k invitation. As is our practice during summer, we avoid the hot sidewalks and I drive us to shaded venues where the temperatures are probably 20 degrees cooler. It makes me sad to see Sadie sometimes stumble a bit, a reminder that she is elderly (12 years old) by yellow lab/golden retriever longevity charts. However, she usually can still leap into the back seat for our trips -- though I position myself to catch her and lift her the rest of the way in if she comes up short.

Our most splendid viewing in the past week has been of the spectacular cloud formations: huge, puffy, billowing clouds -- the kind that invite imagination as to what faces might be shaping up. I saw one that looked a lot like Kermit the Frog yesterday. Last night when we attended Mended Hearts night at our local ballpark, clouds speeding by over the ocean appeared to be dancing with a full moon. It was poetry in motion, pure art.

There is always a lot going on along the coast of Carolina, but I am grateful that we can almost always make time for a good walk. It is good for the spirit as well as the body. I am sure that Sadie is as nimble as she is because we have walked hundreds, even thousands of miles together.

                                                       © Robert G. Holland  2014

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