Thursday, October 16, 2014

You Gotta Have Heart for This Walk

At last one of the most enjoyable and meaningful walks of the year is almost here, and the weather is cooperating wonderfully. The annual community Heart Walk to support healthy-heart and stroke-prevention initiatives of the American Heart Association will be held Saturday morning at Broadway at the Beach. Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville will beckon at the finish line for a jolly good celebration.

To help prepare me to lead a Mended Hearts team of fellow heart-surgery survivors, my amazing 14-year-old Superdawg led me on a long loop of the neighborhood this morning. After two days of tropical downpours, the air was freshly washed and the sun rays reasonably soft. In dog-equivalent years, Superdawg the yellow lab/golden retriever mix, is probably close to 90, but she defies the boundaries of age on a good walking day.

Some of our team members have contributed prior to the race, and others will turn in what they and their family and friends are donating at the registration table Saturday morning. If you have a few dollars you would like to chip in for this good cause, I am reprinting below what I have sent out about our team via social media. You should find a link there to our team page.

This walk is the most memorable event of the year for me. It is a celebration of the miracle of life. I believe many of us who have had complicated heart surgeries (such as my combined aortic valve and root replacement 10 years ago) believe that we are enjoying the blessing of extended life -- time given us to appreciate such profound blessings as grandchildren, and time to try to make a difference on this Earth. As our Mended Hearts motto goes, "It is great to be alive, and to help others."

It is a great day to be walking in South Carolina!

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Heart Walk Countdown!

I am leading a Mended Hearts team in this Saturday's American Heart Association Heart Walk! The funds we raise are needed for critical cardiovascular disease research and education.

Will you support our efforts to fight the nation's No. 1 disease killer?

By clicking on the link below, you can visit our fundraising page to make a secure, tax-deductible online donation. Please click "Give Now," when you visit my page. 

Here's how you can help fight heart disease:

-$25 gives 50 people educational materials that teach them how to personally reduce their risk of heart diseases and stroke.

-$50 delivers the message of healthy nutrition to elementary school students through lesson plans and activity guides.

-$100 allows one hospital to teach its patients, caregivers, and health professionals about the risks of stroke - the nation's No. 4 killer.

Heart disease and stroke impact all of us, but because of events like Heart Walk we can make a difference. Through education and research the American Heart Association is working to build healthier lives. Will you support us?

Thank you, in advance, for your donation and support!

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