Thursday, January 22, 2015

Walking Ahead of the Storm

One of the most special walks comes when the day is calm and pleasant but you sense a stirring in the atmosphere -- a breeze picking up from the south or west, some wispy cirrus clouds with gathering dark streaks on the horizon. This is a treasured walk before a big storm system hits, and Sadie the Superdawg and I enjoyed one this afternoon. In fact, senior dawg didn't want to stop, though she was panting before we had gone far. But maybe that was just a happy pant, and not fatigue.

The beginning of the new year has been stressful as we help a beloved spouse start the long process of recovery from shoulder surgery, so it was good to have a calm day coincide with the free time to walk it  a good distance. We will be looking for such opportunities regularly. We didn't see many birds today -- just a few Cooper's Hawks -- but birds of varied feather will be active again soon. Perhaps they sensed the imminent storm as this day gradually darkened.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a 100% soaker, with a chance of thunderstorms by evening. And it will be a good bit colder than today was. I will probably hit the community workout room instead of walking, but I will try to get Sadie out early in the morning for a self-guided trek before the weather deteriorates. We hope to be doing a whole lot more walking winter, spring, summer, and fall -- on pleasant days and not-so-pleasant. Pleasant ones like today's, though, create especially good memories and make for sound sleep.

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