Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Iced-In, Sorta,and Enjoying It

We're having an ice storm, a tropical ice storm.

Well, not exactly tropical, but along coastal South Carolina and the Low Country, we aren't usually the recipients of day-long freezing drizzle with temperatures stuck at 30 degrees Farenheit.

To tell the truth, it's been kind of nice to have a lazy, stay-at-home day. Even Superdawg seems to understand that these are not the right conditions for a long walk. Her master might slip and fall on her, after all. So she's skated out a few times to take care of business and has gladly paddled back in without prompting.

I re-scheduled Dear Wife's physical therapy for tomorrow, when the temps are supposed to rise into the 40s. After all, she's been in PT for the past two months because of a bad fall. The last thing either of us needs is another fall.

We are fortunate so far that this has been a very light freezing rain not matching the intensity of our really bad ice storm a year ago this month -- one that injured or took down too many good trees. That storm did some damage to our prize cedar trees, though they have recovered rather well, thank goodness. Today their limbs are drooping a bit from a light coating but don't appear to be in danger of snapping yet.

A real bonus of the crusty ice has been the resumption of brisk bird activity at our feeder. Our feathered friends were scarce during the Great Backyard Bird Count on Valentine's weekend, but today we are seeing big numbers of doves, wrens, sparrows, grosbeaks, chickadees, goldfinches, cardinals, and others unidentified by me. No doubt they are hungry, and they also seem to favor the bird food I buy in quantity from Sam's Club. I was going with an alternate seed for the bird count, and apparently it lacked the seed, nut, and fruit diversity found in the 40-pound sack from Sam's.

It sure is good to see that so many birds of different species still know the way to our little oasis.

Table manners haven't been the best with some of the birds so intent on protecting their feeding territory. Maybe a good study would be documenting which birds are the most testy and which are most docile. (Wonder if I could land a government grant for that, ha!) In any event, I am posting a photo or two, having finally gotten around to recharging my camera. I will post more if I see some good photo-ops.

                                     © Robert G. Holland  2015

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