Saturday, August 1, 2015

Running the Honey-Do Marathon

Assorted fitness sites award you points for completing daily exercise, such as jogging, walking, biking, and swimming.

We seniors need a much more inclusive point system to keep track of our activity and reward ourselves for staying in motion.

In my so-called retirement, I find myself busier than I ever was when I went to work on a 9-5 schedule (or 11-7 or whatever it happened to be). Therefore, I am creating my own point system to account for exercise often done without being called exercise.

Yes, these points start out as subjective, with activities roughly gauged against each other for degree of strenuousness. In refining the system, I may factor in data from pedometers and the like (or not).

Today being Saturday, it occurs to me that a portion of my activity is akin to running a Honey-Do Marathon, given that weekends are prime time for shopping and yard work our honeys like to accomplish.

So I don't have the points all worked out exactly, but the following will cover the first leg of the Honey-Do Marathon:

* Going to Farmers' Market and carrying heavy boxes of tomatoes, peaches, okra, pole beans, and corn back to the car: 5 points. Toting extra-large watermelons: 7 points. Doing all this on a 105F heat index day: 15 points.

* Walking from way out in parking lots to the Family Dollar stores my Dear Wife (DW) loves to frequent: 3 points. Doing this in 95F heat: 5 points.

* Walking to Starbucks at the other end of the mall while DW hits the upscale ladies' shops: 10 points. (Deduction for eating a cranberry-orange or blueberry scone with my low-fat latte: -5 points.)

* Walking between TJ Maxx, A.C. Moore, and other little stops favored by DW in the Honey-Do Marathon: 6 points.

* All-out excursion to Wal-Mart with intense exertion trying to keep up with DW when she ditches her cane and goes into overdrive: 20 points.

No Wal-Mart today (thank God), but I figure I amassed 45 points in the other sections of the Honey-Do Marathon. I avoided any deductions for over-priced sweets at Starbucks.

During the week, we often visit a fair number of doctors' offices. Being elevator-phobic, I take the stairs whenever the doctors permit such access to their inner sanctum. (Some doctors advise taking the stairs for exercise, then make it impossible to get to their offices that way.) I will have to figure some points for stairs, along with mopping the floors, trimming the shrubbery, doing the groceries, and the like.

What I am realizing, as I sit here pleasantly fatigued after about a five-hour Honey-Do Marathon, is that all exercise does not occur in a workout room, swimming pool, or the walking trails. If we keep busy, we do a lot that should count as exercise. My mission is to figure a way to keep score and take credit.

                                                     © Robert G. Holland  2015

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