Tuesday, September 1, 2015

September Requires Happiness

Because Monday was the final day of August, I was slow in realizing that September has arrived. The weather isn't cooperating yet either -- September can be hot, and it was today, and will be tomorrow. I was outside for a while under the sun, hatless, chatting with a guy who was trimming my palmettos and cleaning my gutters, and by the time I got in, I felt a little light-headed and washed-out. It was a rude reminder that I am no spring chicken or even a particularly durable fall one. I started feeling little aches and pains that might or might not actually be there -- in short, I was feeling my age.

Still, September kicks off my favorite time of the year and I need to adjust my attitude in order to welcome it properly. Speaking of kicking off, it brings the start of the college and professional football seasons, while baseball features hot competition to make it into the playoffs, culminating in the World Series in October, the Fall Classic. Before long, we will have some ideal walking days -- cool, crisp, sparkling -- and I will be preparing as best as I can for the annual Heart Walk in mid-October. And that is just one of numerous delightful fall festivals. Think Oktoberfest and pretty girls serving big mugs of cold beer.

To be honest, though, I am going to have to work to get in the right frame of mind this fall. I still miss my sweet golden Sadie dog, who passed away August 8 (giving me another reason to hate August). I look for her when I go to bed, when I get out of bed, when I go to the kitchen, when I go out to feed the birds, when we sit down for a meal -- just about all the time, every day. And I have not yet discovered any steady fitness replacement for my daily walk with Sadie. I literally find it hard to walk by myself. The community exercise bike is not an inspiring substitute. My cardiologist has given me very good reason to stay active, but I am not in compliance just now. In theory, I could try to find another companionable dog, but our yard is not fenced and I am afraid a newbie might run away. Our bond was too strong for Sadie ever to do that.

So I will just have to find a way to dispel the blues.  It is up to me. It's September, doggone it, and I should be happy.

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