Tuesday, December 1, 2015

December: Eyes Wide Open -- Hearts, Too

Yesterday it was Veterans Day; today is the first of December, and Christmas is bearing down on us. What happened to November?

Well, for us it went by in a blur of physical therapy, coping with assorted old-age maladies, and getting stuck post-Thanksgiving in the worst traffic jam ever. I am not going to waste cyberspace or anyone's time hashing over all that. I will just say I am going to have a hard time getting in the Christmas spirit. Feeling kind of down now; thinking what it's going to be like this month not seeing Sadie dog poking her nose into all the Christmas gift bags.

It helped that an old friend with a jolly red cap visited the backyard today. No, it wasn't Santa. Instead it was Rudy the Red-Headed Woodpecker. It was a joy to see him once again hanging at odd angles, even upside-down, to gobble as much fine seed as he could. I hope Rudy becomes a regular between now and Christmas. His cheerful way is therapeutic.

                                                              © Robert G. Holland 2015

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