Sunday, May 1, 2016

Dawgs Find Blessings in a Breeze

So here it is the first of May and there is no dancing around a pole hereabouts. Ellie Mae the bird dog did take me on a morning May Day dawgwalk and then an evening one too, though we're all in what passes for a survival test in our spoiled age -- living without air-conditioning in the sub-tropics for a spell.

The heat-pump repairman said some thermal thingie went kerphooey Friday afternoon. He ordered one promptly but will it be in hand for installation by Monday? Not betting on it. Anyway, we have spent the weekend without AC, and are now going into our third night without the convenience of our age that most of us take for granted.

Dasher the Wonder Dawg is also a house guest, as it happens. It is fascinating to observe how our best friends adapt to this particular hardship. Basically, they find any spot where even the slightest refreshing breeze is stirring, collapse right next to it or under it, and go sound asleep. Slaving over a hot computer is madness, they know. Dogs get it right most of the time.

I bought an extra floor fan from Lowe's, so we have fans going, and windows open, and really it hasn't been too bad. Actually there was a good breeze blowing Saturday and out on the patio it felt amazingly cool last night. If I had a tent with mosquito netting, I would have considered sleeping out with the dawgs, except that Ellie Mae surely would have barked at any critter that stirred in the dark. Anyway the breeze also came blasting into the open bedroom window, and felt great. With two big dawgs as indoor sentinels, why not let some of the great outdoors provide indoor relief?

An AC outtage does make you more sensitive to slight changes in the weather. Saturday the humidity was fairly low, but now a moist system has moved in. That's provided cloud cover, which helps, but the high humidity complicates the quest of comfort. You feel the humidity more than the heat. Still we are supposed to have intermittent showers and thunderstorms much of this week, with temperatures not rising above the low-80s, so there will be periods of relief. (And ideally the AC will be back up early in the week.)

It is a blessing actually that this happened in mid-Spring and not in July or August when the heat index can reach 110 or 115 degrees in South Carolina. Not sure how even the dawgs could discover a saving breeze in those conditions.

                                                 *  *  *

Meanwhile, on our walks, I have been observing one resident Canada Goose who had been for a long time one of a pair. I had worried if something bad had happened to the mate, then it occurred to me that this is nesting season and so the female most likely is sitting on a nest of eggs in some nearby hideaway.  Up near our Kroger's, I have seen another mama goose on an unhidden nest just feet from the busy shopping center road. And on the pond there, I have seen yet another with goslings paddling along, doing their best to keep up. Life goes on.

                                                   © Robert G. Holland  2016

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