Friday, August 12, 2016

A Heavenly Mist for Dawgwalking

The Incredible Walking Dawg and I just had our best walk of this entire blistering, sweltering summer.

I was about to bag the morning jaunt and opt for a walk after nightfall when I spotted some dark clouds moving off the Atlantic and headed our way. I didn't see any lightning nor hear any thunder. So we set out in it and soon a gentle mist began to fall, and it stayed with us the whole time.

Ellie stopped as if to say with her eyes, "Hey, it is raining, shouldn't we be going back home?" If she really is part-lab, as the rescue shelter guessed, such a reaction would be highly unlikely because labs famously love water. I wish I could get a DNA test on this junkyard dog; she loves to hunt critters down -- reptiles and such. I still think she might have Carolina coonhound in her.

Anyway, I wouldn't have minded a torrent. It has been a long, hot, humid summer, with temps in the 90s day after day and the heat index 100-plus. Ellie settled down and enjoyed the walk in the mist, too. She might not have fancied getting drenched, though.

I am looking forward to doing some long leisurely beach walking during our week celebrating our 50th wedding anniversary in late September. Viewed hopefully, the weather will be cool then. Dare I say it? -- I might also use the respite as training for the area annual Heart Walk on October 15. The American Heart Association event will be held entirely on the beach, 1 to 3 miles, walker's choice. About time we will be on sand instead of concrete, don't you think?

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