Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Seeing a Way Forward in August

For a guy who never had his tonsils or his appendix removed, I sure am racking up the surgeries in my senior years! Aortic valve and root replacement, meniscus repair, total knee replacement.... And today came a new adventure for me -- trusting an angel of surgery to protect and enhance what is rightly termed a "gift of sight, "a gift from the Lord above. No matter how many assurances you may receive as to how routine cataract surgery has become, it doesn't seem that way when you are being prepped on an operating table, with all kinds of drops going in your eye and even a piece of gauze in a corner to help with the numbing. And just to think about the surgeon using a high-tech instrument to remove a defective part of one's eye and replace it with a functional lens is to induce cringing -- at least in me.
Nevertheless, just a few hours afterwards, I am already experiencing the first positive effects that my wonderful surgeon (Dr. Kathleen Leone) predicted -- that my sight from the left eye, clouded for years by a large cataract, would be much clearer. Indeed, she told me that what was previously my "bad" eye would now be my good one, while my "good" eye would become my bad one. But not for long because in mid-August, she will remove the smaller cataract in the right eye to bring overall eyesight into balance -- and quite likely enable me to do without walking-around glasses for the first time since early grade school. If all continues to go well, I will require only reading glasses. What a tremendous blessing when you are working to stay active in the senior/golden years!

Back home, Ellie the Incredible Walking Dawg must be wondering what happened to her daily walking companion, even though she is receiving good care from family members. Don't worry, Ellie, after I have consumed all the fine seafood of Southport and Wilmington, North Carolina in between these miraculous surgeries, I will need a steadfast return to our two-a-day walks to peel off those pounds that are starting to creep back on -- you know, those 15 you helped me lose after you joined our family from All4Paws rescue in January. Soon it will be happy walking without need of spectacles -- except for non-prescription sunglasses to protect the gift of sight from the merciless South Carolina sun.

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