Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Fabulous February Begins!

So we have reached the First of February, one of my favorite months. I know, many people hate this month because of lingering winter weather that makes Spring seem far, far away.

Why do I love February? Here are just a few reasons:

* The harbingers of spring are everywhere; you just have to go out on a walk with your loyal dawg. This morning on our neighborhood pond (which had been birdless much of January) we saw six Canada Geese, three Double-crested Cormorants splashing and fishing, and a gorgeous Snowy Egret.

* Saint Valentine's Day. Hug your sweetie.

* The Super Bowl, for which we make our special Big Mama and Pop-Pop chili.

* The start of baseball Spring Training, just days after the Super Bowl hoopla concludes.

* The Great Backyard Bird Count and the Westminster Dog Show, both of which occur mid-month, around the time of Valentine's Day.

* My re-birthday two days after Valentine's Day. I am turning 12 years old this February. This is the anniversary of the open-heart surgery at Inova Fairfax Hospital in Northern Virginia that replaced both my very leaky aortic value and my greatly enlarged aortic root. I am grateful to God and my amazing surgeon and nurses for saving my life and making it possible for this steadfastdawgwalker to celebrate re-birthdays!

Tomorrow I start a senior fitness class at the local rec center. It is supposed to improve strength, core, balance, and flexibility and be especially helpful for those who have "foot, knee, hip, and shoulder impairments." I need what is being offered, and I have just about all the qualifying conditions, and more not listed. Will need to just break in slowly because it's been years since I was in a fitness class. This morning brought memories of a step aerobics class I took at a Richmond "Y" many, many years ago. One other male was in this very intense workout session -- I glanced over at him while we were trying to keep up with the gals and we shared pained expressions. Turns out he was a former all-star NFL linebacker, Hall-of-Famer Willie Lanier of the Kansas City Chiefs. Misery loved all-pro company.

Surely there won't be any fast-paced stepping tomorrow. Maybe there will be chairs to hold onto instead.

In any event, I am happy that February -- the month for fresh starts -- has begun.

                                                     © Robert G. Holland  2017

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