Monday, April 3, 2017

Sometimes Things Do Just Catch Up

"Don't look back; something might be gaining on you." That was one of the many nuggets of wisdom baseball pitcher Satchel Paige shared with us during his amazing lifetime. My own variation would be something like, "Keep moving; don't let depressing thoughts catch up with you."

Actually, as of right now, that which is gaining on me is a severe thunderstorm with torrential rain and wind gusts expected at about 50 to 60 mph. Have been in worse, but is it really smart for me to be writing this on my laptop right by the sliding glass door that opens on to the patio? No it isn't. Our official warning says we should be huddled in an interior room away from windows. But really what difference does it make here in the coastal country? The sandy soil and water table will not support basements, so I figure what the hell -- if we get a twister, we are goners anyway.

Sometimes you just get tired of running and just feel like kicking back and letting matters take their course. Some things just happen in life, within families, in matters of health, that you never expected, and you can't do much about it, and can't even write about it. We are after all mere mortals. If there are answers, they will have to come from a higher authority, God Almighty, our Creator, ruler of Heaven and Earth. Amen.

The storm seems to be easing now, although the warning lasts another 15 minutes. It would be a good time to say thank you God for letting this unworthy fool survive yet again. It would be a good time also to get back to counting blessings that we still enjoy in abundance. Sad thoughts may catch up to us from time to time, but we shouldn't let them dominate. A good walk is still great medicine. Walking  stick, don't fail me now.

                                                              © Robert Gray Holland  2017

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