Friday, April 20, 2018

Working Out With the Big Boys of Summer

On way into the Core Fitness Club this morning for trainer Sarah Parker's individualized instruction on how to use the exercise machines to supplement her outstanding fitness class, I see a bunch of mostly huge guys getting off a Texas Rangers bus and going in just ahead of me. 

Turns out this was the Rangers' Carolina League farm team, improbably named the Down East Wood Ducks. To me, flanked by them as I struggled to do the lowest weights smoothly, they looked more like lumberjacks! Is it de rigeuer for baseball players to be ripped nowadays? I mean Muscle City! Is Aaron Judge the new beisbol prototype?

As a Cardinals' fan, I fleetingly thought how refreshing it would be for the Wood Ducks to bring in a 76-year-old knuckleballer against the local Cubs' farmhands, the Myrtle Beach Pelicans, who would be laughing so hard they surely could not hit a pitch. Instead I went home and told my DW what I had witnessed, and now she badly wants to see a Wood Ducks/Pelicans game on this weekend series.

Imagine the increase in ladies' attendance if, as on Dancing with the Stars, they played baseball shirtless. 

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