Thursday, June 28, 2018

Every Old Dawg Has His Day

Despite the stifling heat and humidity, it was a pretty good day.

For one thing, I learned that while a new floor is being installed in our senior fitness class at the club, we will have instruction in the Dawg Pound. Now that's pretty tall cotton (and muscular too). That's where the young, really ripped lads and lassies go to do workouts worthy of Ninja Warriors. It's all done behind a tall forbidding fence that looks like maximum-security prison fencing. Or maybe a WWF cage match venue.

The first day I came to the club, a whole minor-league baseball roster -- the Down East Wood Ducks -- was in the Pound lifting extraordinary volumes of weights (something old-time baseball players never did, and they had far fewer pulled-muscle stints on the DL -- but never mind that for now). And they were all 6-foot-8, 280 pounds. Okay, maybe not all of them, but they were big dudes, okay?

Now we golden oldies will get our chance to shine in the cage, uh cell, uh dawg pound. Watch out world! We are seniors, hear us howl!

I figure since I am known for my goofy teeshirts (such as "Planking for Donuts") I should get myself an in-your-face senior muscle shirt for the occasion. Something to tell the young whippersnappers to move over, the frosty-topped leopards have taken over. Maybe something like the item below from Zazzle (whose shirts I have bought and enjoyed before).... Now, the guy in the ad is way too young to be modeling this tee but you get the idea. (Yeah, I would look better in it. Ha!)

© Zazzle (makes of awesome tees)

Okay, forgive me, I am still on an endorphin rush from today's class -- my third this week (the norm is two). When it came time to plank, I did not even have to be told to get a mat and do them off the floor. I just did it. No more metal chairs, no more bars (except the kind where you can enjoy a cold brew afterwards). And in the middle of our series of eight planks, our incomparable teacher showed me an add-on I could do to my pushup planks. That was special. Sarah's Challenge.

A few hours after class, I trekked to my cardiologist (just a regular appointment) and found that even on the cardio's stingy scales, I have lost five pounds since last Christmas. I figure that's pretty good because one effect of workouts may have been to turn at least some flab to muscle, and muscle weighs more than fat. Anyway, my goal now is to shed another five pounds of flab by the Christmas/New Year's holiday when I will see my cardiologist again and maybe have an echocardiogram. The ticker seemed to be ticking like a ticker oughta tick today.

The hardest part of the day was our dawgwalk, which is often one of the highlights. The humidity was still stifling at 8 p.m. and I came back drenched in sweat at 9 p.m. Oh well, the Fourth of July comes next week, and then autumn will be just around the corner. (In my mind anyway.) Then will be time to put the muscle shirts away and break out the sweatshirts.

                                                © Robert Gray Holland  2018

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