Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Prime Dawgwalking After Big Storms

Elliedawg had an "I wuz rubbed!" look on her face all day yesterday. It was too dangerously hot for a morning walk, then electrical storms hit around dusk when we've been doing our alternative walk. Even near midnight, she was still looking at me plaintively, but heck storms are not the only dangers lurking for walkers at that hour. So no dawgwalk yesterday!

Therefore, this morning was a great blessing -- still overcast, and considerably cooled off from the storms (which we may have more of this afternoon). The Junkyard Dawg and I relished the chance to do a morning walk again.

Along our route, our main sighting was a tall, athletic young woman who was pumping out miles in perfect race-walking form. We exchanged smiles and good-mornings. I would bet she is training for some athletic competition, possibly even a future Olympics. That wouldn't be out of the ordinary around here. The former Miss Zola Budd, a great Olympic distance runner, has run these paths that we dawgwalk.  Many other athletes have settled here or come here to train. Reggie Sanders, an All-Star outfielder for the Reds and Cardinals, coached my granddaughter Hannah's soccer team when we moved here. He always inquires about "Big Mama," my DW, when we see him.

Anyway, Ellie and I -- a pair of old dawgs -- do our best to remain athletes ourselves by staying our courses around this beautiful part of the world.

Happy trails to all.

                                 © Robert Gray Holland  2018

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