Monday, July 9, 2018

A Glorious Day: Blessing From Above

                                         The heavens declare
                                                 the glory of God;
                                          the skies proclaim the
                                                 work of His hands.
                                                              -- Psalm 19:1

Today brought a welcome respite from the very hot and humid days that have dominated life for the past month. Light cool winds from the north, wispy cirrus clouds, and low dew point -- all making for a glorious day for a dawgwalk, or any outside activity. The oppressive days were for a purpose: They help us appreciate the blessings of days like this when you can draw a deep breath and think about the meaning of life in all its dimensions. Sometimes you have to go through hard days to appreciate the good days.

You notice little things along the way that you just skip over when a walk seems like a survival march. I spotted a twig shaped much like a wishbone from a Thanksgiving turkey and picked it up. I carried it with us for a while, and wondered about it. Was it a token of good fortune? A reminder that there are forks in the road with decisions to be made?

A young mother and her precious toddler approached and stopped for a chat while Elliedawg and the baby became friends. We talked about the glorious day and the fun of walking before we went our separate ways. It was a very pleasant encounter befitting the day.

Not terribly far off the Carolina coast, a tropical storm is churning and it may become a minimal hurricane by tomorrow. However it looks to be bringing us nothing more than some refreshing winds from the north, even though the ocean surf could be rough this week. (Beware those rip currents, beachgoers!)

This was a day to take occasional breaks in the walking, not to rest but to behold the tableau of beauty above and all around us. We saw more bluebirds flit by. (I have relished seeing many more of these gorgeous little birds than usual this year.) And up higher I could picture a barely year-old angel known as Trina Bird dancing in the clouds, showing all the other angels how to bust the moves. A day such as today was perfect for renewing connections that are eternal.

                                                         © Robert Gray Holland  (2018)

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