Thursday, August 9, 2018

August as a Hot Jumble of Emotions

I've felt like I've been in a sauna dressed in full sweatsuit this August. That's because I've been on the go pretty much constantly during this season of peak heat and humidity.

There was the morning I got up at 5 to take my son Bobby to the hospital for a very serious neck and back surgery. It lasted 3 hours, an hour longer than expected, because the surgeon had to deal with more herniated discs than he had anticipated. Thank God, the surgery appears to have been a success. An hour after exiting the recovery room, my son devoured a hospital lunch, then gladly accepted a second lunch. That night he walked to the cafeteria to get himself a gyro.

Back home, he seems to have settled down and gotten some sleep that was elusive in the hospital. His children -- Brooks, Grayson, and Hannah -- have been sweet helping take care of their great dad.

I have been on grocery, take-out, and meds shopping and delivery. Then the unexpected happened. Our family cat -- the "Memphis cat" I call her, since she was originally adopted by my Tennessee daughter -- suddenly quit eating or having any interest in eating. That was a complete reversal for her because she is ahead of the dogs in chow line and in demanding chow formation.

 "Miss Whimsy" started doing weird contortions with her mouth and tongue and drooling heavily. I managed to get a vet appointment for her and the diagnosis is some really bad teeth, a few of which somehow may have gotten misaligned so as to cause her pain. So early tomorrow morning, Miss W is going in for dental surgery. Hopefully they can restore her quality of life.

Managed to do lots of other things amid this hot jumble that this August is. Completed today the second of my core fitness classes of the week -- and I needed it for emotional relief as much as physical exertion. And before class, I even managed a morning dawgwalk of Ellie with heat index rising into the 90s.

My walking did bring one entirely unexpected encounter though. While I was on a grocery run to Krogers, an attractive young woman exclaimed that she saw me regularly walking my dog. She asked my name and spoke hers, and then said "I walk too but you probably don't recognize me because I don't wear what I'm wearing now." (She was wearing a nice long dress -- no I don't suppose one would wear such garb to walk in 100-degree temps.) She gave me her name a second time so "you will remember it," and departed. Five minutes later, I couldn't for the life of me remember her name.

Now, let me emphasize, I am not looking for a walking companion. But I wonder, was all this a mirage from having been in the summer sun too long? Or was she an angel sent to encourage me to continue walking no matter what? What would an angel wear on a summer's walk? I would guess her age to be about that our dear first-born, Katrina, would have been today had not she died from leukemia a few months after her first birthday. Okay, who knows? -- a lot of things happen in life that are beyond our understanding,

Meanwhile, celebrate all of our many blessings.

                                       © Robert Gray Holland  (2018)

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