Sunday, August 12, 2018

Back to the Future: Make a New Plan?

August seems endless; however, kids in our area actually go back to school next week. And the start of a school year is like the start of a new year, period.

With me in a pensive mood, maybe the time is right for me to make a new exercise/lifestyle plan, too.

For 15 years now, I have been battling spinal stenosis, a narrowing of the spinal canal that sometimes hits you when you hit your 60s. (Some reward, huh?) It was right on schedule for me.

It gets old. I have tried to fend it off with my walking stick, exercise classes, and occasional physical therapy. All have helped to one degree or another, but the SS remains a major aggravation. I hate going through the grocery store all hunched down over my cart so as to take pressure off the spine. I hate having to position my walking stick behind my lower back and secured with my elbows in order to give my lower back extra support when I dawgwalk.

My doctor once said she would prescribe me another round of aqua therapy any time I wanted. I think it is about time to take her up on that offer. It won't be a cure, but it sure as heck feels good working out in a 90-degree pool! No pain -- Heaven on Earth! And maybe then I will see about getting an MRI and talking to a surgeon.

Alternatively (since urgency isn't there to see a sawbones), I am thinking that with the start of the school year, the time might be right to shift more toward aqua exercise besides the PT. The school-age kiddies will no longer dominate the neighborhood pool on weekdays!  That means I could do my silly-looking water aerobics on weekday mornings without a bunch of kids laughing at the ridiculous old man. The pool usually doesn't close for the season until October, so I could get a good start on making this a habit. The downside is that solo splashing in the water can become boring. Maybe my aqua therapist could guide me toward some aqua classes well suited for stenotic old guys like myself.

Maybe I'll do all this, and maybe I won't. I am in a melancholy mood, wondering if any of it really makes much difference. My current core fitness class is absolutely terrific, and maybe whatever I do, I could go to it at least once a week at the county recreation center. Of course, I will always manage to dawgwalk as along as I have a dawg. The dawg will see to that.

I realize well that my personal meanderings are of interest to very few people. However, as part of my five-year chronicle of the challenges of aging, maybe they fill a niche. (Keeping Your Spirits Up, Making a New Plan, Chapters 2001-02).

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