Thursday, October 18, 2018

Rejoice! Walking Season Has Arrived!

Prime dawgwalking time arrives at 10 a.m., after I've gotten my creaky old body sort of together and functioning.

Here are the important weather stats at that appointed hour on this 18th day of October, 2018:

Temperature: 66F.

Relative Humidity: 43%.

Wind: 15 NNE.

Visibility: From here to eternity, all Carolina blue (South as well as North).

Ah yes, it arrived later than usual this year, but today was the first real day of walking season --  cool, crisp, invigorating, absolutely heavenly. Blessedly low humidity and dewpoint! No more heat index of 90-degrees-plus. Did Elliedawg and I walk farther than usual? Oh yes, we stretched it out!

 Walking weather should be fairly well in place for this Saturday's annual Heart & Stroke Walk (, even though there will be a slight bump in afternoon temperatures before another cold front arrives.

Walking this morning, I felt the presence of our angel of the morning. She probably got going a little earlier than we did this morning. We did see her a couple of mornings ago and had a pleasant chat, and the three of us even walked together a while. (Addendum: And because it was too wonderful a day not to double-up, we did a second dawgwalk at dusk, and did meet the walking angel. We had a talk about life and mortality. Really ... angelic.

The heavenly morning walk had ended with the sudden appearance of a gorgeous little bluebird just a few feet in front of us. It grabbed a bit of grub from the ground and then perched briefly on a display tractor before flitting off. It was a perfect touch of beauty to end the first walk of walking season. Brought to mind the legendary Louis Armstrong and these lyrics from Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah": "Mister Bluebird's on my shoulder/It's the truth, it's 'actch'll'/Everything is 'satsfactch'ill."

                                              © Robert Gray Holland  (2018)

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