Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Blog's Back -- At Least for Now

This blog --- I thought it was gone, gone, gone forever. Some geekspeak about domain registration and a big price for renewal. That was in January. Maybe my problem is I don't speak Google. Anyway, tonight it's back to me, magically, inexplicably. In the interim, I began starting a new blog elsewhere, but I'll go with this one as long as it lasts. Loads of memories here. And maybe the lesson is that life in cyberspace is like life in our earthly realm: Transitory. Unpredictable. Changeable. Here today, gone tomorrow.

I came to terms with my own mortality almost 15 years ago. A complex surgery replaced my catastrophically leaky aortic valve and grossly enlarged aortic root (an aneurysm that wouldn't have gone much longer without rupturing). In these overtime years, I have had blessings galore, many of which I have blogged about here. Now comes another surprise: another aneurysm might be popping up. It will take a more sophisticated medical test, a CT, to be more certain. Then again, maybe it is nothing; just a burp in the echo scan. More uncertainty. That's the way we roll.

The one certainty for believers is that God is in control, not us and certainly not Google. So let us enjoy every day and think about truths that are eternal -- and beautiful realms that last forever and ever. And always be on the lookout for the angels that look after us.

                                       © Robert Gray Holland  (2019)

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